My b**p Journey: Sophie Ogle

It’s been a while since I’ve done this, but I am so excited to be writing a little something for b**p again!

My name is Sophie Ogle, and I have recently graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University with a 2:1 in Marketing Management. I was lucky enough to secure post-graduate employment before my course finished, and I now work at The Candidate as a Marketing and Operations Assistant. I am so excited to see where my career will take me, but I would have never gotten this far without my fantastic experience working as a volunteer journalist for b**p.

The skills and experience I gained from b**p really got me started in the world of work. My first job was at McDonald’s whilst I studied for my A Levels, and, although it seems unrelated, b**p actually gave me a huge advantage in securing this! As a 16-year-old, it is so difficult to set yourself apart from other candidates as no one has work experience. Being able to list b**p on my CV gave me a huge advantage over other applicants as I already had experience of working under time pressure and working as part of a team.

I truly believe that without the essential ‘work experience’ section on your CV, I would never have gone on to secure the range of other part-time hospitality positions I did to support myself while studying.

And not to mention my university application itself! Showing that you are willing to work voluntarily for a cause you are passionate about is exactly the type of thing universities are looking for on your personal statement.

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b**p provided me with invaluable experience of working and collaborating with others. This was one of my favourite parts of writing for b**p, as it is so refreshing to work with like-minded young people who share your passion for writing. Working with others in a professional capacity also gave me the skills to work as a team again in group projects at university – and in any workplace.

If you want to pursue a career in journalism, there is a high chance that you will be working in a pressurised office environment. Gaining an early understanding of this and the deadlines that come with working in journalism is vital and will always benefit your application.

Sophie Ogle, Marketing and Operations Assistant

Alongside having complete creative freedom at b**p, there is nothing more exciting than seeing your first article go live and available online to anyone interested! This also comes with the pressure to perform well though, and, in my job now, I am uploading job adverts, blogs and content to The Candidate’s website and social media platforms daily. Understanding that anyone can see what you’ve written helps your proofreading and copywriting skills massively. This is something that continues to benefit me each day in my current job.

b**p is exactly the type of experience you need as a young adult. From helping me get my first job six years ago, to benefitting me in a career today, the entire process of working for b**p provides invaluable experience that will stay with you for life. I couldn’t recommend it enough. It is a fantastic starting point which could take you so many places.

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