On Monday night, a new TV show aired on Channel 4, called Naked Attraction. The aim of the show is to give a new side to dating, in which a group of singles decide on their potential partner depending on how they rate in their downstairs area. How lovely.

The show begins by asking “what would happen if we were stripped of all the things that usually define us?” Now, this seems a bit silly, doesn’t it? Usually when we make a statement like this, we might be referring to someone’s personality, as people are often judged on looks alone. So, when referring to a person being in their birthday suit, this just doesn’t seem quite appropriate, especially as in the modern day, sex does play a large role in relationships.

To make things even more odd, we are then shown six naked men from the waist down, and the cameraman certainly isn’t shy about showing every nook and cranny. While later the camera does move over the rest of the body, the focus is still on physical attraction throughout.

Full frontal nudity is often pretty amusing, which helps to make the show a popular one. However, it does ultimately reduce attraction down to physicality, which is pretty sad.

So, it does force us to the question: is this how dating goes now? Is physical attraction all that matters? The popularity of apps such as Tinder would suggest that this is the case, but here at B**P we would like to believe that humanity is a little bit better than that.

Therefore, while this show may be amusing for a little while, it certainly isn’t worth watching every week and please do not encourage relationships based on physical attraction alone! They’re not worth it in the long run.

If you caught Monday’s show, let us know what you think.