Never Back Down

Trump = racist b**phat. He said awful things during his campaign, has a knack for being a sexist pig and has hired someone who endorses hate online as his White House chief strategist. Steve Bannon is also a b**p.

Also, Trump’s presidency could cause problems with the LGBT community in America. He supports the anti-LGBTQ law HB2, and appointed Mike Pence, who argued HIV funding would be better spent on literal shock therapy to ‘convert gay people’.


However, at a recent anti-Trump protest, people are proving that hate doesn’t always win. While love might cause some very similar chemical reactions in the brain, many find it a lot easier to be happy than to seethe. It’s exhausting. So instead of hating the guy, do what these lovely people have done:

You want further proof that there is definitely love out there? Look at some of the responses.


Never back down, homies. Fight at every avenue you can. Oppose any law that threatens simple human rights, or that enforces the hate people like Trump spew out.

We got this.