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2 April 2015

By NEBeep

Lewis Hamilton’s new deal is almost complete and the Formula 1 champ expects to sign new his contract this week which could be worth more than £27m per year. Depending on how many races he wins and depending on whether he becomes the champion again could take his earning’s above £27m.

If he earns £27m in one year he would have made £3,082 per hour, £51.36 per minute and 86p per minute.

Hamilton said: “It should be done this week. There is no reason it shouldn’t, honestly, it’s 99.6% done. There’s no negotiating left, it’s just legal stuff.”


Forbes Sporting Rich List

Top of the table 2014 earnings
1. Floyd Mayweather (boxer) $105m (£70.9m)
2. Cristiano Ronaldo (footballer, Real Madrid) $80m (£54m)
3. LeBron James (basketball player, Miami Heat) $72.3m (£48.8m)
4. Lionel Messi (footballer, Barcelona) $64.7m (£43.7m)
5. Kobe Bryant (basketball player, LA Lakers) $61.5m (£41.5m)
14. Gareth Bale (footballer, Real Madrid) $36.4m (£24.6m)
19. Lewis Hamilton (F1 driver, Mercedes) $32m (£21.6m)
43. Wayne Rooney (footballer, Manchester United) $23.4m (£15.8m)
86. Steven Gerrard (footballer, Liverpool) $18.7m (£12.6m)



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