New Judges

New judges for The Voice have been announced.

boy georgePaloma Faith

It was announced last week that Boy George and Brit Award winner Paloma Faith will be taking Sir Tom Jones’s place and Rita Ora’s, who will be jumping ship to ITV’s show X-Factor. Although Boy George slated the show on Twitter back in 2013, he said, “The Voice, it’s a TV show and these pointless vocal battles are proof that it’s nothing to do with creativity or growing! It’s drama!” The musician declared he was a huge fan of the show when he was offered a place on the panel last Friday.

Tom Jones, who is getting replaced, is deeply insulted by the way bosses handled letting him go from the show. He said, “It’s not that I was let go, it’s how it was handled. There was never even a hint that any member of the staff, or indeed the production executives, were unsatisfied, unhappy or disgruntled.”

tom jones is also rumoured to have quit the show.

The two new judges will be joining series five when the BBC show returns in January.