After a few weird tweets from the Overwatch Twitter, it has finally been revealed that there is another brand new map being added. This time, it’s in orbit.

Yep, we’re going to the Moon.

The Horizon Lunar Colony map is now available on the PTR, and there was a small blurb explaining what the map is:

“Built as a first step towards humanity’s renewed exploration of space, the colony’s goal was to examine the effects of prolonged extra-terrestrial habitation – on human and ape alike,” Blizzard said. “The scientists’ research proved incredibly promising… until, suddenly, all contact and communications with the base were lost.”

This serves as the backstory to one of the game’s lesser played heroes, Winston, who barely managed to escape when the other genetically enhanced gorillas in the facility went wild.

Now we have the chance to explore what was Winston’s home for so many years. I wonder what secrets we’ll find.

Here’s the trailer:

And in case you forgot who Winston was:

Until next time!