Neymar Sends Twitter Bananas

29 April 2014

By Lauren E. White

Footballer Dani Alves who plays for Barcelona FC was thrown a banana when he had a free kick whilst he played against Villarreal. The fan who threw the banana was attempting to be racist but Dani kept his cool and decided to eat the banana instead before he took his free kick.

Team mate, Neymar Da Silva Santos, later posted a picture on Instagram of him holding a banana and his toddler son holding a large, fake, cuddly banana. He also hash tagged the picture #weareallmonkeys in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Catalan. Since Neymar created the hashtag, over 100,000 people have used it. Other football players joined in with the banana selfies including Liverpool player Luis Suarz, Chelsea player David Luiz and Manchester City FC player Sergio Aguero.

A Spanish football fan showed his respect and tweeted “In one single action, Dani Alves did more to fight racism than any UEFA/FIFA ‘Say No to Racism’ has ever done”.


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