No Excuses for Bieber This Time…Or Are There?

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5 June 2014

By Bronwen

As if it wasn’t bad enough that he made a video telling a silly racist joke, footage of Bieber has now emerged of him singing a parody version of his own song! It shows 14 year old Bieber singing “one less lonely girl” and incorporating the N-word and KKK references. There are people saying “he was only 14, give him a break!”, but is that really an excuse?

Justin is a devout Christian, and always tweets quotes from The Bible about loving thy neighbour and such things. It’s a tad hypocritical of him to make a song called “Pray”, get a tattoo of a crucifix and then go and joke about killing black people. It’s easy to envision Bieber sitting thanking Jesus for his wonderful life and then straight away go into a recording room and make his parody. It’s especially bad that most of his friends are black, including Usher- the man who made him a star.

However, although it is horrible and unacceptable, the blame is also with TMZ. The video is six years old, and wasn’t offending anyone until TMZ decided to post 2 videos in such a short space of time. Nobody was upset and offended until TMZ posted the video. They could have deleted the video or not shot it right into the public eye. It seems like there’s a conspiracy going on, and TMZ are definitely stirring something up for Bieber. Instead of spreading love, they’re spreading hatred, and they should be receiving EXACTLY the same amount of scrutiny as Justin Bieber.



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