No Puns for Lorde..or her fans for that matter

12 January 2014

By Lauren E. White

We’ve all had a giggle at names, whether it be baby names, animal names or the notorious ‘fandom names’.

Well, it seems as though some people think that naming their ‘fandom’ – a commonly used abbreviation for a fan following – not much of an Einstein idea after all. Of course, that person would be a New Zealand-born 17 year old pop star, Lorde. The singer claimed that she finds giving names to fans ‘grating’ because of the ‘pun-centric’ vocabulary.

Many argue that it was Justin Bieber who began the trend of celebrities naming their fans, his being ‘Beliebers’ – we’re sure Lorde would be very impressed. But, others contradict Bieber and claim it was the slightly crazy Lady Gaga, with her army of ‘Little Monsters’ – who apparently are not too well liked as they love a bit of bickering, not only with other fans, but with celebrities too.

The ever-growing naming-of-fans continues, ‘Directioners’ being the fans of One Direction, ‘Katy Kats’ – Katy Perry’s following, ‘Lovatics’ whom are the cult belonging to Demi Lovato, ‘Swifties’ – Taylor Swift fans and, the most quirky name is awarded to the Sci-Fi award winning TV show, Doctor Who and their fans, or ‘Whovians’ as they are referred to by many. These fanbases are also commonly nominated for polls and awards, Lovatics recently sweeping the award for ‘Favourite Fan Following’ at the People’s Choice Awards – but does this eliminate Lorde’s fans from even being nominated for any awards?

Despite the names being pun-tastic (sorry, Lorde), the ‘Royals’ singer took it one step further expressing her hatred for the trend, tweeting ‘No fan name, I do not condone this.’ Even though Lorde may seem a tad grumpy, her argument is perfectly valid – in fact, quite a lot of ‘Directioners’ would agree that it is quite cringe-worthy as they often express how they think their name is extremely embarrassing.

It seems as though the pop-princess is attempting to do what she reckons is best for her fans, even though ‘Lords’ would seem reasonably suitable, they could be the Gods of all fans – apparently Lorde doesn’t see the astounding potential.



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