No Secondary Showering

20 January 2015

By Yasmine

According to the European Journal of Sports Sciences, more than half of secondary school boys and two-thirds of girls don’t take a shower after PE. Eight state secondary schools in Essex in deprived, urban, rural and affluent neighbourhoods took part, with nearly four thousand young people contributing towards the study.

Researchers suggest that the young people who don’t shower after physical education are less active and in female cases, less fit. There were hot water facilities in every school surveyed but a potential barrier for the young people not getting showered is fears of being bullied or humiliated. Lack of time is also a reason.

Body image for both boys and girls in their teenage years can be daunting, so it’s no wonder many of them prefer to skip showering. Also factors such as not being able to apply makeup and style their hair makes the teens lack self-confidence.

Here are five points why teenagers may not shower after a workout:

1. Time- time is of the essence when it comes to classes and may teachers only give students ten minutes or less to get changed back into their uniform, leaving no time to get showered.

2. Hair- School is like a fashion show these days and when it comes to hair, for both males and females, it takes a lot of effort. Without a hairdryer, straighteners and styling products, some students think its best to just get a shower when they get home.

3. Makeup- When it comes to makeup, schools have a strict policy. After a shower, girls will go back to looking like a natural beauty but because of body image issues and dreaded acne, many girls prefer not to shower.

4. Lack of self confidence- Scars, spots rashes etc. can all knock both boys and girls confidence. If people feel uncomfortable in their body, they won'[t want to walk around showing it off to their peers.

5. Bullies- In today’s society, we live in a world of social media. So the anxiety of someone looking, talking about or even taking a picture for fun when you are showering is a very fearful thing for someone of any age.

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