No to Nominations

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30 January 2015

By Alex Khalil

Facebook Nominations, they are everywhere. From Facebook, to Instagram, and even Tumblr; they have all turned into a tacky, unimaginative, and seemingly endless stream of nominations for utterly useless and tedious activities. So far, we’ve had;

  • Ice Bucket Challenge
  • No make-up selfie
  • However many monotonous facts about yourself
  • Cellotape selfie
  • First profile picture
  • However many favourite photos
  • Make-up selfie (if you’re a guy…and into that kind of thing)
  • Nek Nomination (down a completely mental mixture of drinks, or on some occasions a goldfish)
  • The Cinnamon Challenge
  • Galleon of Milk (down a galleon…of milk…pretty self-explanatory)

It’s becoming tiresome, and we (the people who look down upon those who fulfil these nominations), are sick of seeing it on our newsfeed. It needs to stop…so be sure to nominate three other people to put this as their status to raise awareness, like and favourite if you agree.

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