North West Attacked

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22 January 2014

By Bronwen

Queen of cattiness, Joan Rivers has gone too far this time, as she mocks Kimye baby North West’s appearance. The Fashion Police host was recorded saying: “The baby is ugly! I’ve never seen a six month old so desperately in need of a waxing.”

It’s bad enough when she glorifies bullying towards adults, but starting on a baby that can’t even walk or talk is rather irrational. Rivers made her fame by poking fun at other celebrities- sometimes funny(ish) and other times uncalled for and offensive. No successful person has escaped the River wrath- you know you’ve made it when Joan Rivers gets her claws into your slightly too bright shirt or risky hairstyle.

Maybe one day, we’ll have the privilege of being condemned as unfashionable by the might Joan Rivers and her Fashion Police.



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