Not Quite the Distance

For boxing fans, the big fight last night in Vegas was destined to have one of two results. The flamboyant bout between the undefeated light middleweight champ, Floyd Mayweather, who was until last night 49-0 and Dublin born and UFC champ Conor McGregor could have put the sport of boxing into jeopardy or solidified Mayweather as the undisputed champ. Thankfully it was the latter that ended an action packed night ringside at the T-Mobile Arena in the heart of sin city.

Taking the UFC champ to school in nine and a half rounds, Mayweather’s 50th win came at the hands of the ref. McGregor showed undeniable courage, strength and dedication as he made his debut in the ring, surprising many fans and pundits with his domination in the first three rounds. But anyone who thought Mayweather was going to go down at the hands of someone who isn’t even a boxer in what has been the most talked about event in the last six months, what were you thinking?

Mayweather watched and preyed on McGregor, eagerly watching as his fuel light fell to empty as the fight progressed and by round nine it was obvious that McGregor was indeed drained and time for Mayweather to show what boxing is all about. With the fight being stopped inside the tenth, McGregor took the defeat on the chin, and praised Mayweather in the after-fight interviews, and vice-versa.

While it is hard to determine just how necessary this fight was in reality, it definitely provided a good morning’s entertainment for those tuned in here in the UK and for those in situ in Nevada. But obviously, the money making Mayweather and McGregor who stood to make up to $300 million and $100 million respectively from their performance last night, gave fans a fight to remember; while its purpose is still a bit of a mystery to me.