Oily Skin Remedies

20 December 2017

By Bronwen

There are many different skin types and many different types of skin conditions. Excessively oily skin is a really common problem that a lot of people struggle with and it can lead to other issues such as acne if it isn’t treated. It can make you feel self conscious and constantly worrying about whether your face is shiny all day. The difficult thing about it is that what works for one person may make another person worse so it really is a case of experimenting. Here are some things you can try to see if it gives you that perfect skin that you always wanted.

1- I’ll kick this off with the boring, patronising one: water. Water works miracles for your skin and increasing the amount you drink per day by just an extra glass will benefit you hugely.

2- Don’t over wipe. If you overwash or wipe your face too much, your pores will just makes even more oil to replace it. Be gentle to your skin and it will be gentle back. You can buy oil absorbing sheets from places like Superdrug or Boots that will remove excess oil but not all of it- meaning your skin won’t start producing more.

3- Cool down your shower. Having cold showers is much better for you than steaming hot ones. For a start, cold water closes your pores meaning less dirt will get trapped in them and therefore less oil will be produced.

4- Water based vs oil based. Faces washes, creams and foundations are either oil based or water based. Some experts swear that oil based is best for oily skin and others insist that water based is best. You really just need to find which one works best and stick with it.

5- Don’t use face scrubs or face wash with microbeads. This sort of relates back to point 2. Scrubs and microbeads take too much oil off your face and force your pores to make your skin ever more oily. Try a gentle, alcohol-free scrub and don’t over do it.

6- Tea tree and coconut oil. Again, these can either work miracles for skin or make it worse. I’ve seen people whose skin went from really oily to flawless in a short period of time because of coconut or tea tree oils. Others say it had no effect or made it worse. It’s worth trying these different oils to see if they will give you a miracle too.

7- Use a hydrating serum rather than a moisturiser. The last thing you need if you have excess oil is more moisture. Hydrator is much more gentle and will prevent your skin from getting too dry.



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