“Omg, that coke has made me sooo hyper!”

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2 December 2013

By Bronwen

No. No, you’re just being annoying. You had one sip of my diet coke. There’s nothing wrong with you, other than the fact you’re clearly so starved of attention that you feel the need to make an idiot of yourself pretending to be “hyper”. Ugh,  we hate that word.

This act would be slightly more slightly more acceptable if you had, for example, been drinking something a little… stronger. Like an energy drink. Or maybe we should give them a more appropriate name, like: a Heart Palpitations Drink. Or a Rapid Heart Rate drink. You’ll probably know what we’re getting at.

Right now you see energy drinks, after reading this article you will see cans of liquid death.

We’ve all heard about the whole “ten cakes equates to one energy drink” thing, but why is no one raving about the fact that there’s been teenagers DYING from these drinks. Not a high number, but definitely a higher number than people dying from Sprite.

The British Soft Drinks Association specifically says that these drinks are NOT for children. This is probably due to the fact that your heart contracts much harder for hours and hours after drinking an energy drink. Or that they have three times the amount of caffeine than coffee itself. In extreme cases, people have been known to have seizures or even die.

And for that pins and needles feeling on your tongue and temporary “hyperness” is it really worth the risk?



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