On the Move

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24 March 2015

By NEBeep

After almost fifty years, the UK Chart Show will move from its Sunday afternoon spot on Radio 1 to Friday, as the world sees music releases all set for a Friday release. The changes will come into effect in July when the countdown will be a feature on Greg James’ afternoon show from 4-6.

The new changes in release date, it has always been Monday in the UK and Tuesday in the US, will mean that the chart will be counted on a Friday morning with the announcement made on Radio 1 that very afternoon. Speaking on the changes ahead, BBC Radio 1 controller Ben Cooper said in a statement “The days of recording your favourite songs from the chart onto cassette are long gone.

“So when the global release date changes to a Friday, we will also move the Official Chart, continuing our commitment to stay relevant to young music fans of today”.


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