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4 February 2014

By Bronwen

Just when you thought Lady Gaga had stolen all of the crazy clothes ideas…Topshop have started selling (and dressing their mannequins in) fanny packs! Although very practical, they seem a little weird- although the same could have been said about wellies, and now Hunter wellies are loved by hipsters.

In the early 1990’s, fanny packs were very trendy (they were called bumbags then) and then they just fizzled out of style. But it looks like they’re returning; for how long- we don’t know. It may take some time to get used to. Aesthetically, the ones Topshop sell are actually pretty hot.



They’re available in sleek, black leather and are much more convenient for phones and purses than clutch bags.


We’re also predicting a craze for white skinny jeans- as most American based shops are selling them. The Kardashians/ Jenners have been spotted in white skinny jeans lately and they look very stylish.

Topshop are still selling (forcing upon people) those American Baseball shirts- but they don’t appear to be too popular amongst their target audience.



But who knows- the shops might be successful.

Just when our nation already seems to be destined for the most odd fashion period ever- it gets worse. You know those little fabric shopping trolleys that old people often have? Well Argos and some Ebay stores are selling funky coloured ones targeted at young people.



So will you be adopting a fanny pack or trolley?



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