With the upcoming American General Election happening in less than two weeks and the constant threat of Vladimir Putin’s wrath, we could all say “the human race is doomed”. Well, human beings aren’t just destroying themselves through poor, selfish decisions and the lure of money; we’re also destroying our planet and its wildlife.

According to ifls.com, by 2020 we could have the biggest mass extinction of animals since the dinosaurs were all wiped out 65 million years ago.

The main cause for this tragedy is loss of habitat. You’ll be well aware that rainforests and other environments are being demolished at an alarming and disturbing rate and it’s killing thousands of species of animals; every minute, 20 football fields of forest is demolished.

From now on till 2020, the wildlife on our planet will decrease by 67% unless we change our ways and as much as we’d like to be optimistic, there’s nothing that anyone can do to persuade the big business and world leaders that the environment is more important that their bank accounts. The government can give us all recycling bins and water metres as much as they want, but if they really cared about our planet, they’d stop allowing businesses to poison our air and cut down our forests. In short, there’s no amount of plastic bottles that we can recycle that will match up to the difference that world leaders could make if they started to care.