Opening of a Dog Cafe in Newcastle

24 April 2017

By Bronwen

We have Mog on the Tyne for Newcastle’s cat lovers and now it’s time to cater for the dog lovers. Dog and Scone will open in the city centre in the next few weeks so that everyone can enjoy a cup of coffee in the company of some sociable and adorable dogs. Dog and Scone is a brilliant business idea, especially given the growing popularity of dog and puppy therapy. Many unis and colleges offer puppy days where stressed or anxious students can relax by spending time with dogs. This cafe could be popular for this reason with the students from both Northumbria and Newcastle university as well as Gateshead and Newcastle college. It’s also perfect for people that love dogs but can’t have their own for whatever reason.

The six dogs that you will meet at Dog and Scone are:

Momo, the Toy Poodle.

Morning, the Toy Poodle.

Coffee, the Welsh Corgi.

Laughing, the Pug.

Lucky, the Bichon Frise.

Yuki, the Yorkshire Terrier.

So when the owners finally have everything finished, make sure you go to meet all of the dogs and puppies that will be ‘working’ in this cafe.

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