Pancake Day

Observed mainly by the Christian faith, Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday, as it is officially called, is when people literally stuff their faces with pancakes. In previous times it was also an opportunity for people to empty their cupboards in preparation for the fasting of Lent.

While there are a number of variations of the pancake these days such as pumpkin pancakes, banana etc. you can’t beat the traditional pancake topped with sugar and lemon juice.

Here are some interesting facts about today and its culinary delight.

The worlds Biggest Pancake was made in Rochdale, in August 1994 measuring 15 metres in diametre and 2.5 cm deep. However, does this count when it was made in August with Pancake Day always falling exactly 47 days before Easter.

In 2012 Sheffield University saw 890 people simultaneously tossing pancakes, smashing the record previously held by the Netherlands and a measly 405 pancake tossers.

Ready made pancake mix is a staggering 129 years old and was created by Aunt Jemima, in St. Joseph. Missouri.

On average people eat two pancakes each on Pancake Tuesday here in the UK which mean 170 million pancakes will be eaten today using 52 million eggs.

The symbolism of the ingredients featured in pancakes when it comes to the religious element of things goes like this eggs – creation, flour – the staff of life, salt represents wholesomeness and milk signifies the purity.

Now …go eat 🙂