And for good reason.

In what seems like no time at all, Sainsbury’s have butchered their meal deal, and left thousands of people shocked that the ham hock and mature cheddar is no longer in the meal deal. They have been replaced by what the betrayers are calling ‘On The Go’ deals. Which apparently offer “better quality, and better value”.

It’s all lies.



Pretty much everyone has taken to social media in some form to voice their rather well-directed disapproval.

Gavin Murphy is one such person. Even though his taste in sandwich is just abnormal.

Along with a number of other dissatisfied customers:

Some are now frustrated that the meal deal will now cost an extra 90p. As Rosie explains:

Then the rest:

And possibly my favourite:

Same, James, same.

RIP in peace my favourite meal deal.

And Sainsbury’s:

giphy (27)


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