What happened to us?

According to Baby Centre, the number of babies who will end up with the names of Pokémon is rather large. The US-based pregnancy and parenting site says that half of its users are playing Pokémon regularly. And have grown fond of the idea of naming their child after a fictional animal.

However, it is unclear as to how many parents actually want to call their child Venonat or Ivy, or Oddish.

While some names are more popular than others, for goodness sake, if you’re going to do this, don’t name your child Pidgey

No one will ever like them. 

The most popular names according to the site are:

Roselia, which actually sounds like a normal name.

Onyx, which sounds like your child’s going to take part in the UFC.

Star, which is literally as hipster as it gets.

And lastly, Evee, which again, sounds normal enough, but just don’t be surprised if they have an affiliation with either water, flame or electricity in their later years.

I think we may have a problem.

Says the guy who walked for 10km yesterday for an egg.