Pirates 5: First Look

It’s been a while since we’ve seen ol’ Captain Jack Sparrow. Things have been relatively quiet in the Pirates of the Caribbean camp, aside from a few rumours and theories.

But finally, we have a look at the very first teaser trailer, for the fifth instalment of the franchise.

Honestly? I’m a sucker for the Pirates movies.

There are a number of returning stars, including Geoffrey Rush as Barbosa, and even Orlando Bloom, who will reprise his role as Will Turner. Even Paul McCartney is purported to be in the film. As who? The ship’s performer? The official Walt Disney Studios Twitter tweeted the first look yesterday, and it will also star Javier Bardem (Skyfall, No Country for Old Men).

The Pirates franchise has grossed over $1 billion since its initial release in 2003, and there are still those who are eager to see Captain Jack return to the big screen.

The trailer seems to have a much darker tone to it, very akin to the original movie, which was actually…


Pretty dark, come to think of it.

The film is set for release in May next year.