Pizza Pilot to the Rescue

16 July 2014

By Yasmine

A US pilot paid for 50 large pizzas out of his own money to please all 160 passengers aboard flight 179.

The aircraft had to make an emergency landing in Wyoming because of severe weather storms. Captain Gerhard Bradner decided to be the deliverer of good news when he announced: “Ladies and gentlemen, Frontier Airlines is known for being one of the cheapest airlines in the US, but your Captain is not cheap- I just ordered pizza for the entire plane!” Maybe this speech could become bigger than the iconic Martin Luther King speech.

The Captain decided to call Domino’s pizza just before they were about to shut up shop. The manager of the store made sure all staff helped to rustle up the pizzas and get them delivered as soon as possible. 25 pizzas were margherita and the other 25 were pepperoni.

Who says love is lost, eh?



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