Welcome to a brand new feature!

Every week, we’ll be coming up with a playlist for a certain activity, whether it’s hiking, killing time in the gym, travelling, driving, or using a certain new popular app that I’m addicted to.

Pokémon Go is a name we’ve seen a number of times on the site this week, and we promise this’ll be the last time. You walk around, you get little monsters that you turn into big monsters… Seriously, if you don’t know what it is by now, you must be living under a rock.

But a lot of the game is wandering around with your phone by your side, with utter silence or the theme song blasting from your phone. There is no in between.

So, we’ve compiled a list of songs that’ll really get you charged up for a 10km walk to hatch those eggs.

At least until your battery runs out.

First up, we have:

‘Clubbed to Death’, from the original (and best) Matrix film. It’s cool, and you can’t not feel like you’re in an anime when you listen to it. The piano breakdown in the middle, the slow build-up as you see something undiscovered close by. Go get ‘em.

Next, something of a prodigy. HA, band name pun. Yep, The Prodigy have been making awesome tracks for a number of years now, and each one has its own feel to it. This one is a frantic mess of drums and bass. Which is exactly what it’s like at peak times in Newcastle when trying to grab all the Pokestops and make the most of Lures.

Well, this is a blast from the past. What an absolute banger this one is. Blare it as loud as possible. Building up to a rather loud end, it’s perfect to match the hype the app has created. Plus, who doesn’t remember this one? It was a gem back then and it’s a gem now.

Let’s not forget one of the main aspects of the game. The adventure. And there aren’t many other artists who encapsulate that feeling like Avicii. The song gives you a decent pace to walk at, and it’s the right amount of cheese to keep you going.

Up next, a little bit of a shift in genres. The game is a fitness app disguised. You have to walk literal kilometres to hatch eggs, and find different Pokémon. So the song’s title is rather apt, if you think about it. Plus the lyrical meaning. The game has brought many people out of their homes, and into the world. Many have made friends who they wouldn’t have otherwise known. Plus it’s a great song.

Sticking with the rock theme, we’re looking to Linkin Park. A manic song, perfect for racing to the next Pokestop before your Lucky Egg runs out, or before the Lure Module runs out. Run!

Ever walk 5km and get a Zubat? Yup. This next song encapsulates that feeling all too well. *cries*

But then your 10km egg hatches, and you get an Aerodactyl. Or a Dragonite. Or you see a rather special Pokémon your friends have been trying to capture for ages, and you catch it first time.

After you catch that Pokémon, you become entranced by the game, so much so you don’t even hear your friends talking in the background. With one earbud in and try-hard mode engaged, you become one with the app.

And finally, you come to the end of your walk, you say goodbye to your mates and they all go off home, you slump into bed as the last song comes on. Sing us out, Bruno!

That was our first playlist feature. What song are you listening to while playing?

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Until next Friday, goodbye!