Theresa May, while she spouts the idea of a ‘strong and stable’ Britain, seems to be doing everything she can to prove otherwise.

While the debate was going on last night, she decided to do the only sensible thing. Wander around people’s houses all afternoon in the hopes of catching someone who could stand to be around her without being sucked into the eye of the dementor she seems to possess.

And everyone seems to be making the exact same joke.


But they aren’t exactly wrong, are they?

On the opposite side of the fence, we have Jeremy Corbyn. The guy just seems to inspire young people wherever he goes. He’s like Obi-Wan Kenobi, or a slightly less dead Yoda. He just exudes coolness and clarity. I like the guy.

But the internet… they love him. Guess what he did recently that people are going ballistic over?

Go on.

Couldn’t think of anything mundane enough?

He ate a Pringle.

People are losing their minds.

He eats what we eat.

What a fantastic time to be alive.

We’re all doomed, aren’t we?