Pregnant Woman Causes Chaos

23 October 2014

By James

Seemingly not content with cutting cows in two and sticking things in formaldehyde, Damien Hirst has turned his controversial hand to revamping a Victorian sea-side community in Devon. Opinion has been divided for months in Ilfracombe, where Verity – the figure of a naked, pregnant woman showing her foetus and holding the judicial props of a sword and scales – is being installed. The entire town has found itself cleft in twain over the statue, with neighbour turning against neighbour over whether it is a fitting manner in which to revitalise the town or a highly inappropriate piece of over-modern art. The argument has raged on for many months and it looks set to rage on for more, but we at b**p are only interested in one thing:

Why does it have to be just under a foot taller than the Angel of the North?

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