President responds to Attacks

5 April 2015

By Vincent

Islamic extremists group al-Shabad warned of more attacks in Kenya like the assault on Garissa College University.

“Kenyan cities will run red with blood said al-Shabab according to to the SITE intelligence monitoring group. Al-Shabab said the attack on Garissa was in retaliation for the killing carried by Kenyan troops fighting rebels in Somalia; “No amount of precaution or safety measure will be able to guarantee your safety, thwart another attack or prevent another bloodbath said al-Shabab.

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has responded to the terrorists,  vowing that he will take harsh measures against the militants. Kenyatta appeared on television and addressed the nation saying his administration “Shall respond in the severest ways possible” to the Garissa attack, which occurred on Thursday. “We will fight terrorism to the end,”said Kenyatta. “I guarantee that my administration shall respond in the fiercest way possible”. As well as condemning the brutal attacks on the students of Garissa University, he declared three days of national mourning

Kenyatta also said Kenyan security forces are pursuing the remaining accomplices. We will bring all of them to justice..We are also in active pursuit of the mastermind behind the attacks. Kenyan security agencies arrested three people trying to cross into Somalia, the three are associates of Mohamed Mohamud also known as Dulyadian Gamadhere a former teacher at a Kenyan Madrassa Islamic school who coordinated the Garissa attack.


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