PRICE vs HOPKINS – Benefits Are For All

2 February 2015

By Annie

The benefits system is a hotbed for debate and anger, with the terms ‘scrounger’ and ‘fraud’ thrown around more and more. It seems we will never reach a happy medium as there will always be flaws in the scheme.
A crucial aspect of our benefits regime is that it is NOT means-tested. This means, in terms of disability benefit, EVERYONE has the right to claim it, to help them support their child according to how far along the spectrum of disability the child may be. Countless protests and organisations have fought for years to establish equality in benefit payouts in this area.
With this in mind, the recent ignorant comments from Katie Hopkins on this year’s Celebrity Big Brother towards Katie Price concerning the benefits she receives are completely and utterly out of line and downright stupid. How Hopkins can adopt this snobby educated attitude and complain about being ‘surrounded by morons’, when she spits these misinformed, laughable comments is beyond me. This outrage stems from an incident whereby Price disclosed that, if she paid for her severely autistic son’s healthcare requirements herself (which includes the presence of a nurse who is capable of giving an emergency injection), it would cost her up to £1000 a day. Her son also suffers septo-optic dysplasia which affects his eyesight, as well as learning difficulties, therefore he needs to be accompanied at all times. At this point, senseless Hopkins interjected “you should pay. Seems that when you’re worth millions, why should the taxpayer have to foot the bill?”
Price made the crucial argument that she pays taxes and thus should gain from the government what she is due. Hopkins was soon silenced and left the kitchen with her tail between her legs.
It is apparent that Hopkins has taken to attempting to build a sort of camaraderie with the British public in this series of Big Brother, as she has on more than one occasion defended us as a whole, including this bitter comment to Price. She has also argued with Perez, who recently shouted that he ‘hated the British public’, to which Katie responded “you hate the British public! Did everybody hear that? Well I for one love the British public!” It seems as though this futile claim to Price about her benefit is a plea to the British that she is our knight in shining armor who will crusade to defend our right to only pay the bare minimum, and not a penny to anybody else’s cause. She is a pure embarrassment and has lost all credibility in terms of her intelligence in my eyes.

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