PS4 vs Xbox One – Next Gen Consoles; Next Gen Feud

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12 December 2013

By NEBeep

Everybody knows about the brand new next-gen consoles, even if you don’t like games. Our TV’s have been clouded in a disarray of advertisements convincing us ‘this is the console for you’. But are they? There has been much controversy about this topic: Xbox One or Play Station 4?

With the brand spanking new graphic cards, which are still 2 years behind PC’s, you can’t be blamed for being torn between them.

The Xbox One has been made better than ever, better graphics, better fans and a better Kinect. However, many loyal followers have been disheartened by the fact their beloved games console is now a fancy media centre. The greatest asset for the Xbox One is the cooling fans which have been praised for being quieter and better than its predecessor the Xbox 360, allowing longer intervals of entertainment. The favourite games so far are Dead Rising 3, COD: Ghosts, Master-chief, Forza Motorsport 5 and Killer Instinct.

The Play Station Four has been made to beat the competition. And by god it’s had a good go at it. The design is sleeker and has a modern twist, it is still bulky like the Xbox One but the style has been hit at a different angle, literally. The new Play Station camera has been commended for its size and ability to have close encounters with the player, unlike its Xbox competitor. The remote is brand new, with an easier grip and a unique touch screen that also seconds as a button and with this comes the fantastic Play Room, where you can play with little robots and more! Awaited games are COD: Ghosts, Watchdogs, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Resogun and Assassins Creed IV: Black flag.

Both have their commendations and both have their ‘next gen’ title. One things sure, after both sold out and both have been over pre-ordered, the Xbox One and Play Station Four is bound to make a brand new feud in this new generation of gaming.

Now you just have to choose what side you’re on.



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