Punch4Punch Game Claims Life

8 July 2014

By Yasmine

23 year old, Tommy Main, has died after taking part in a new online punching game, ‘Punch4Punch’. Tommy passed away in the early hours of Sunday Morning after an ambulance was called to a house party in south-east London.

Police are interested in looking at footage which was being recorded while the new craze was taking place. The game consists of two people, who repeatedly punch one another until one of them gives up, the loser then has to drink alcohol as a penalty for loosing. Then videos of the ‘Punch4Punch’ game are uploaded online, to motivate everyone else into doing the same stupid thing.

Obviously Neknominate wasn’t enough to deter young people from the devastating effects of drinking games, someone has to go a step further and bring violence into the mix as well.


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