Quiz Time- How Introverted Are You?

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3 July 2014

By Bronwen

Let’s set the scene. You’re invited to a party and you don’t know anything about it, e.g. where it is, who is going? What do you do?

a- Who cares! I love a mission

b- I’ll just message the host and ask them for more information

c- I’ll ask my friends if they know anything, I’m sure they’ll ask the host for me

d- That’s it, I’m not going. I’ll stay at home with my family

Your friend asks you to go shopping for an outfit for the party. What kind of outfit do you chose?

a- An outrageous outfit that only Lady Gaga could top

b- A brightly coloured suit/dress that will make you stand out

c- A pretty dress or a plain black suit, or maybe smart jeans and a nice shirt

d- This is way too stressful…. I’m not going. There’s a new episode of my favourite show anyway

You make arrangements with your friends to meet you up outside but when you’re nearly there they text and tell you that they’re already inside. You now have to walk in alone. What happens?

a- I’ll just walk in by myself and make an extra effort to make an impression when I walk in!

b- I’ll go in alone… no big deal

c- I’ll just ask them to come out to meet me…

d- I’m leaving

When you’re inside the venue, what do you do?

a- Go and mingle with the first person I see.

b- Say hi and give a few compliments as you walk around and try to find your friends

c- Look around for your friendship group and go straight over

d- Frantically look for your friends and if you don’t see them just walk out and go home

Someone has the same outfit as you and they wear it much better than you do! How do you feel?

a- I’ll just party so hard that I forget

b- That’s okay, you can’t be the best at everything

c- I think I’ll just avoid them for the evening

d- I feel like the world is ending and the black clouds above have swarmed down into my soul

No one is dancing on the dance floor and your favourite song comes on. What happens next?

a- You head onto the dance floor and dance like there’s no tomorrow!

b- You dance a bit but not quite on the middle of the dance floor. Pretty soon, everyone is on their feet

c- You wait until everyone else has started dancing

d- You stand awkwardly and try to forget that your favourite song is playing

In one word, how would you rate the night?

a-  AMAZING! Let’s do it again everyday!

b- Really good! Had an unbelievable time!

c- It was decent, could be better

d- Nothing could be worse. Too crowded


Mostly A’s- You need to calm yourself down a little bit and stop being so rowdy. Your confidence is admirable though, and you just need to make sure that you are always considerate and don’t get too carried away with things.

Mostly B’s- You are definitely an extrovert! You’re super friendly and outgoing and everybody wants to be like you. You just need to make sure that you don’t judge people who are shy or less confident than you; everybody is different.

Mostly C’s- You’re neither extrovert not introvert. You’re nicely in the middle and aren’t too loud or too quiet. You know how and when to express yourself without causing offence or any awkward situations. You’re not too confident, but then again, over confidence is not always a good thing!

Mostly D’s- You are naturally quiet and timid and don’t like to cause a fuss. If you ever feel like you’re inferior to the extroverts, think again- both groups have their advantages and disadvantages. The most important thing is to live your life to the full and if your introverted ways are holding you back, you may need to take regular trips outside your comfort zone.


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