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7 April 2014

By Melanie

Last week our first edition of b**p was printed and circulated to certain homes in West Gateshead. Due to budget constraints we are not in a position to print copies for everyone in Gateshead, but we are working towards that. The first edition however, was a testament to the work put in by a group of young people over the past six months, and while the paper is bursting at the seams with top stories, interviews, news and reviews there was a lot of content which didn’t make the cut, so over the next couple of weeks we will be posting the remaining stories to the site, while we get to work on the next edition.

I personally, as project lead on the newspaper would like to say a huge thank you to the people that make this all possible, the writers, who devote their time amongst school work, exam revision and jobs to come up with top quality stories for b**p, the team behind the scenes, volunteers, office staff, graphic designers, printers and most importantly funders such as Garfield Weston, The Joicey Trust, Foyles and Awards for All who have made this possible.

Thank you



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