Restaurant Review: Oink

11 April 2017

By Alex Khalil

Yeah, it’s a weird name, just bear with us.

Recently, I took a trip to Edinburgh to celebrate a year’s worth of time spent with my partner. And obviously, wherever you go, you use that as an excuse to pig the heck out and eat a quarter kilogram of pork everyday.

(HA. Pig pun.)

It’s great.

Serving up to 250g of pork in just one sandwich, it’s mouth wateringly good, and surprisingly cheap too.

The three sandwiches you can get are reasonably priced for what they are. The Piglet, The Oink, and The Grunter. Small, medium and large. But after having four of these delectable pockets of pork, it’s safe to say that the medium size would be enough to fill a guy with my metabolism. The Grunter is a bit overkill.

But so worth it.

The most you’ll pay for a sandwich is £4.95, which is incredible value for the food you’re getting. You also get two free toppings too.

There are two of them in Edinburgh, one in the Grassmarket, and one near Canongate. It’s easy to spot due to the bright pink logo.

So yeah, if you’re in the area, fill your face with some pork.

It’s delicious.

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