Restaurant Review: The Bake, Newcastle

24 August 2019

By NEBeep

Have you heard about The Bake? Probably not as it has been marked as a hidden gem in Newcastle upon Tyne. The Bake is a Lebanese restaurant and is definitely within the top ten places to eat in the whole of the north east. The Bake opened in 2011, and serves traditional cuisine in the restaurant and as a takeaway.

My experience at this restaurant has always been extremely good. From the moment you walk in to the moment you walk out, The Bake is amazing. The outside of the restaurant is well-kept and the inside is clean, tidy and presented very well. In fact, with a food hygiene rating of four, The Bake is also one of the safest places to eat in the north east.


As well as this, the atmosphere when you walk into the restaurant is amazing. It feels as if you’ve been transported across to the other side of the world! The decorations and theme of the restaurant reflect the true culture of Asia which really adds to the experience as a diner.

The food at The Bake is absolutely fantastic, and all reviews are four or five stars, which I think shows quite clearly how good this restaurant is. All food is freshly made on the day, and there are so many options to choose from as the menu has every dish you could possibly think of to satisfy your cravings. And if you can’t make your mind up, just as the waiters who give delicious recommendations. Food portions are quite big, but no worries if you don’t finish it all – you can take it home in a bag so you definitely get your money’s worth.


All of the staff are very friendly and polite and food comes quickly after you order. The only thing I would say isn’t so great about The Bake is its location. Byker isn’t the best setting and it didn’t complement the restaurant well as although the atmosphere inside was fine, outside in the street there were numerous arguments and fights.

Overall, I think The Bake is a great restaurant and you are definitely missing out if you don’t go. So, what are you waiting for?

By a student at St Thomas More Catholic School, Blaydon

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