At six o’clock this morning, most of the country was quiet. Children slept in peace and teens were woefully dreaming. That was until One Direction dropped their latest single ‘Drag Me Down’ and Twitter went into meltdown.

Without any hint or warning, the world’s biggest boy band released the first track from their latest album due for release at the end of this year. It is the boys’ first track since the shock departure of Zayn Malik earlier this year. And it seems they’re not struggling without him.

‘Drag Me Down’ features a very different style to the One Direction boys’ previous style as Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Liam Payne bring a fast-paced, upbeat song to the table. Judging by the online reaction, ‘Drag Me Down’ blows Zayn Malik’s controversial ‘#realmusic’ comment out of the window with fans claiming it’s a ‘new era’ for the boys and stating that the new single ‘gave [them] life’. Us too.

Catchy and impressionable, it is no surprise that the new single has already rocketed to number one on iTunes in 65 countries.Whoever said boy bands are dead after five years in the industry were very, very wrong.

You can buy the new single on iTunes here and listen to it on Spotify here.