Review: 1D’s WWA Movie

13 October 2014

By Lauren E. White

Exclusive to this weekend only (11th and 12th), the world’s biggest boy band brought their sold-out Where We Are Tour to the cinema for all fans to see.

Complete with an interview exclusive to the weekend-only showing, the concert film was surprisingly refreshing and something fans across Twitter are branding ‘comforting’ after the almost seven-month-old WWA tour came to a close in Miami. In the interview, the boys branded playing in stadiums ‘unbelievable’ before Louis Tomlinson, 22, claimed the boys were just ‘little scumbags’ who ‘blagged their way through’ after feeling like they don’t deserve what they have. But, what really prompted a cinema full of hormonal teens to tears was when Tomlinson discussed how the fans ‘always have our backs’.

After the executive producer, Ben Winston, wrapped up the interview, fans were treated to watching the whole concert all over again. From the opening of the concert with the specially filmed intro to the very end with the fireworks and thank yous. One Direction (once again) didn’t disappoint.

Recorded at Milan’s world-renowned iconic San Siro stadium, the concert film experience features all of the band’s biggest hits – the best part being it’s all in high definition. Many would ask why would you want to go and see a film of a concert you’ve already seen live. My answer being: why would you not? If you’re anything like me, you probably end up watching every concert you go to through your camera because you have to get good photos – especially if you’re right at the front. The film offers everyone the chance to see it again, to re-live the excitement and to be a part of something special.

It was well worth the money, as will the DVD when it’s released on December 1st (just in time for Christmas, of course).

You can pre-order the Where We Are Live From San Sirio Stadium DVD here and watch the trailer below:



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