Review: Apple Music

18 April 2017

By Lauren E. White

If you’re considering Apple Music versus Spotify, or just generally wondering what the craic is with Apple, this is the right article for you.

I recently succumbed to temptation after the three-month Apple Music trial and purchased the single person £9.99 per month plan. In that, I get as much music as I want, when I want it. It can be downloaded so that I can listen to it offline and there is so much of it that I get my money’s worth.

As well as the vast music library, you get the radio section too, allowing you to listen in to exclusive Apple stations with special guests and playlists. It’s a must over Spotify if you’re into listening to music on the radio and enjoy getting that up-to-date music content.

The argument of allowing Apple to have ‘more control’ over me is compelling, and I still feel a bit guilty about allowing them to have even more of my money. However, as someone who likes a wide range of music and who has songs popping into their head more than anything else, this subscription is worth it. It made sense to have it over Spotify because I had the three-month trial and because I have an iPhone anyway.

Apple Music gets a 4/5 from me – it’s quick, brimmed to the top with an extensive array of artists and, of course, fits in very well with one’s iPhone. Sorry Spotify, but this time, you’ve been trumped.

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