Review: Beats Solo 2 – Luxe Edition

29 November 2016

By Lauren E. White

For many of us, music is an important part of our daily lives. That’s why having some decent quality earphones or headphones is worth it.

Beats by Dr Dre are renowned for their sound quality. And rightly so. Particularly the Solo 2 edition as the quality is unbelievable. Each and every note is pitch perfect and it is like being in a room with the artist wherever you are.

One of the reasons I bought by Beats was to block out the noise. Sometimes it’s so difficult to concentrate on the go or when you’re alone; sometimes you just need your mind to be silent and to hear something else. If you want noise-cancelling equipment, you’re in the right place. They do the trick and I no longer have to listen to Year Sevens screaming on the bus.

For those who travel, they are perfect as well. The headphones fold up and can be put into a case that easily fits into a bag. In this respect, they’re great for planes, buses or trains and they can be made longer if you need them to be.

The Luxe Edition includes a RemoteTalk cable so that you can communicate on the go, just as you would with some Apple earphones. I would definitely recommend the Luxe Edition f0r that reason and for the reason that the colours are so much better. They are a matt style and look more sophisticated than the glossier Solo 2s.

At £129.99, they are expensive. But, if you’re a music lover or a noise-canceller, they are worth it. Also, the headphones will last a long time without the quality deteriorating with their age. Beats Solo 2 Luxe are an investment rather than a flash purchase.

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