Review: Destiny

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18 March 2015

By Alex Khalil

So….Destiny won a BAFTA. Hmmmm.

Destiny, the MMORPG Halo wishes it could be, and no surprise because they were made by the same developers. Personally having only played a collective hour on the game, there isn’t much leeway toward this particular reviewer, so lets go through the basic of the game.

Guns: varied, but very limited. Essentially every other gun you get is the same as the last one, with different stats, the sound design isn’t as satisfying as something like Advanced Warfare.

Gameplay: enjoyable, if not a tad monotonous. Essentially all combat has the same formula: shoot until your power is recharged, use your power, wait until its recharged, run away to heal, and wait for more enemies to spawn, rinse and repeat.

Storyline: didn’t play enough to form an opinion, but it seemed very vague and repetitive; go over here, kill some dudes, listen to this guy blab about stuff, move to the next area and repeat.

Honestly, i can see why people like it. There is enough to keep people interested, and the world looks very beautiful, ad the skyboxes are rather well designed. So yes, well done Destiny, and well done Bungie. You stole the spotlight from the other games that came out in 2014. Bravo.

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