Review: Him & Her

Often, when you’re scrolling through Netflix trying to find your favourite series to catch up on, you can come across a show that you’ve never seen before. If it looks good, you might watch the first few minutes only to realise that it’s definitely not up your street. However, sometimes, in the deep dark depths of Netflix, you find something that is truly special. Hours later, you’ve already watched the first two series, and forgotten about the show you’d originally intended to watch. Well, that’s exactly what happened with Him & Her, and we’ve never looked back.

If you’ve never heard of it before, Him & Her is a British comedy about a lazy couple who spend most of their time in bed; eating, drinking, or having sex. Set purely inside a dingy old flat in London, it certainly doesn’t sound like the making of a great TV show. However, we can guarantee it is the work of comedy genius – with great writing, directing, and acting, there really isn’t an area that has been neglected.

Over the four series, you’ll experience the ups and downs of Becky and Steve’s relationship, falling in love with some characters and despising others (just watch it, you’ll know who we’re talking about!) Yet, through it all, you’ll still be eager to watch more.

What makes this programme so great is how well it can relate to so many modern relationships today. You’ll be left cringing when things get a little bit too intimate (and we don’t mean just between Becky and Steve), and in hysterics when things don’t always go to plan. By the end of it, you may even be thankful that your own life isn’t quite as hectic as theirs.

If you love British comedy, you’ll love this. Of course, there are crude comments throughout, and a lot of inappropriate behaviour, but that’s what makes it so great.

It makes for a perfect Valentines’ Day binge with your partner, squirming at just how alike your relationship is to theirs. Plus, all four series are up on Netflix so you don’t have to hang around for the next one.

What are you waiting for? Get bingeing!