Review: Maleficent

29 June 2014

By Yasmine

Warning- Contains mild spoilers.




What an amazing movie. Even if you’re not a huge film fanatic or even if you don’t like Disney, you can still watch this film and fall in love with it.

Of course, everyone can guess that Maleficent is going to be good turned bad, but her transformation happens in a way you’d least expect. Angelina Jolie portrays the villain perfectly and really adapts to the character in a humorous and loveable manner; in such a way that even though we see Maleficent cast terrible curses, we can’t help falling for her personality and sharp cheekbones. Jolie really makes this movie special.

We are warned that there are some “scary scenes” in the movie, which we found was slightly untrue and the film is more of a feel good film than a scary film. Even young children would probably not be even remotely frightened.

It would really help if you’re familiar with the story of Sleeping Beauty before watching this film, then you can really appreciate the characters even more. The contrast in the two stories between who is really good and who is really evil is striking. In Sleeping Beauty, we are on the king’s side but in Maleficent, we despise the king. In both movies, our hearts are with Aurora.

Aurora’s character was never really delved into in Sleeping Beauty, but we find out that she really is very friendly and unintentionally humorous, and her bond with Maleficent is touching.

If you’re a Harry Potter lover, we should warn you… when you realise which actor is playing the Pink fairy you will be tempted to throw your shoe at the screen…

The best part of the movie is the way Aurora wakes from her deep sleep. Although what happens is slightly predictable, it is still powerful enough to move you to tears. We would award this movie 5 out of 5 stars.


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