While on your travels in the Metrocentre, Gateshead, you will have seen Yo Sushi and will have undoubtedly wondered if it’s worth it and if you should try it. After all, sushi is a funny food and not something us Geordies are particularly acquainted with.

The first thing to say about Yo Sushi is that it is only expensive depending on what you get. If you’re smart with your money and plan what you take off of the conveyor belt first (there are menus that explain what food is on what dish), you can spend just as much money as you would in MOD Pizza or Five Guys. It is nice to have a slightly bigger budget, though, as Yo Sushi is great for trying different things.

In terms of the food quality, it is great – as is the hygiene. If you sit on the stools around the middle where you grab the sushi, you can see the staff preparing the sushi and so can see it’s made in a clean environment. The food, as a result, is wonderful.

I am convinced that there is a sushi dish out there for everyone and at Yo Sushi, you will find yours. Not all of this traditional Japanese dish is raw fish. In fact, lots of the dishes don’t even have fish in them. There are noodles and rice too and if there aren’t any going round, you can ask them to make some for you.

All in all, Yo Sushi is a great place to eat if you’re a first-timer in the world of sushi or a regular. It’s also perfect for a date with a significant other or, if you’re like me, with your other significant other, your best friend.