Everyone loves a good Spoons, right? But with so many of them kicking around – all going by different names – sometimes you don’t know which one is best to go to. In central Newcastle alone, there so many different Wetherspoons all dotted around in different locations. If you add the one in the Metrocentre, then in Jesmond, you’re getting into Greggs territory. But today we’re talking about The Mile Castle.

The Mile Castle is probably the busiest Wetherspoons in Newcastle, just up from Central Station. It’s always near-full or full and the atmosphere is always good as a result of that. On a Saturday night, it’s packed but not too packed, and there are always bouncers on the door when it gets past 9pm. This is actually a really welcome addition for those who are legal drinkers – you just feel a lot more secure and the place is a lot less shady.

Downstairs in The Mile Castle is where the music and the dancing takes place at night, which is great when you’re there before going out. If you’d prefer to avoid that, then head upstairs where you can actually have a conversation with your friends.


Food at The Mile Castle always comes super quickly, no matter how busy they are. And, if you order your supply of halloumi fries just minutes before they stop serving food, you’ll still get them brought to you. All the food I’ve had at this Spoons (and there’s been a lot, trust me) has came hot and I’ve always enjoyed it. All I will say, though, is that their curries don’t quite taste the same as the Metrocentre Wetherspoon.

The best food to order is any curry off the menu, any pizza (as long as it hasn’t got pineapple on, because that’s just wrong) and the loaded chips or halloumi fries. The dip you get with the halloumi is insanely good.

Drinks at The Mile Castle are cheap, and there’s always an offer on shots that’s always welcome in the Toon. When drinks arrive, staff are nine times out of ten friendly and seem to begrudge asking you for ID, and do so apologetically. Much better than some of the snobs you get when drinking elsewhere, such as The Alchemist, for example.

The Mile Castle Wetherspoon is one of the better Spoons for sure. It has improved a lot over the years, and is a nice place to head for a few drinks and something to eat.