Review: Slug and Lettuce, Durham

26 November 2019

By Lauren E. White


Although Durham is home to many independent restaurants, cafes and bars, sometimes it’s nice to step inside of a big chain like Slug and Lettuce.

Slug and Lettuce is one of the brand new restaurants in the historical city of Durham, situated next to the Champagne Bar and the Gala Theatre. From the moment you step inside, you’re impressed by the decor. Everything’s sparkly and glowing inside, with fairy lights and flowers covering both the upstairs and down.


The bar is rustic and modern, offering a wide variety of drinks – alcoholic and soft. Bar service is good if you’re just after drinks – you simply go up and order what you want. However, if you’re sitting at a table waiting for food, service seems to be way slower, to the point where you wonder if you are ever actually going to get served.

Luckily, the food in Slug and Lettuce is pretty much impeccable. Favourites are the chicken tikka masala and the pesto linguine topped with chicken and sauteed mushrooms. They are gorgeous. And during the festive period, Baileys chocolate reindeer are available for dessert if you have room.

Overall, Slug and Lettuce is a lovely little place to eat and have a few drinks. Be it on a date or with friends, the atmosphere is lovely. Quieter times are on a weekday evening where you can avoid students and most other people, though if you’re looking for a livelier atmosphere, it’s best to head on a Saturday night.

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