Review: Star Trek: Discovery

This week saw the final episode of the newest Star Trek series before it takes its mid-season break. This seemed a shame really as the series just appeared to be hitting its stride.

After an action-heavy two-part premiere the show slumped a bit once the producers realised that that kind of momentum would be a difficult beast to tame. They instead settled for a few pedestrian, small stakes episodes that appealed to neither the original cerebral facets of old Trek episodes nor the adrenaline and flash of the new movies.

Then episode 7 hit and the show hit warp drive. Here was a smart, funny and exciting romp featuring fantastic performances from Rainn Wilson, Jason Isaacs and Sonequa Martin-Green, a protagonist who up until this point had seemed as charismatic as a bag of clay. Her whole deal as a flawed hero is all very well and good but sometimes it’s nice to agree with someone other than the characters calling your lead star a moron.

Speaking of which, gangly weirdo Doug Jones does what he does best as gangly weirdo Saru who instantly resonates with viewers like me who are just concerned about who’s going to clean up after all this nonsense.

The two episodes following this thankfully fell more into its mould rather than its predecessors and then just like that… it’s gone until January. With the intriguing plot twists they left us with though, it’s more likely to be welcomed back with open arms than with a Vulcan nerve pinch.