Review: Theory of Everything

5 January 2015

By Lauren E. White

Released on New Year’s Day was probably the best film of what is set to be an entertainment-packed 2015 – a remake of the uprising of cosmologist Stephen Hawking, Theory of Everything.

Moving and undeniably truthful was the theme of the film that followed the blossoming and breaking romance of Hawking and his now ex-wife Jane Wilde. It began at the time Hawking was studying at Cambridge University after he left Oxford due to what is labelled his ‘shambles’ of exams as he studies for a PhD in Physics.

Theory of Everything covers not only Hawking’s romance with Jane, but also the devastating diagnosis and effects of motor neurone disease he was told he had at the age of 21. Hawking recieved the news after being rushed to hospital due to him collapsing on campus and the diagnosis only drove him further to discover the truth about the universe as he is told he only has two years to live. Among his heavy work-load is still Jane who knows that with Stephen’s limited days left, both of them must make the most of it which leads to their very young marriage. Stephen and Jane eventually had three children together during Stephen’s battle with motor neurone disease

Despite the pre-conceived image in our heads that Hawking and Jane had a whirlwind fairy tale romance, it appears quite the opposite in the tell-all film as Eddie Redmayne, who plays the cosmologist, and Felicity Jones, who plays his wife, both end up falling in love with someone else. The disease took its toll on both of them as Stephen is eventually fitted with a tracheotomy and Jane is left to look after three young children and their house all by herself as Stephen profusely states he wants ‘no doctors’.

Although Theory of Everything is a tear-jerker  and has the audience constantly wondering, it is peppered with small chunks of humor throughout to lighten the mood that is otherwise very emotional. Hawking is portrayed as a warm character who can be awkward but someone who, despite his condition, tries to live his life to the full and laugh about things that could instead really break him down.

The film is one that will definitely be up for an Oscar, most likely for Redmayne as his performance throughout the film does indeed steal the show. It is an extremely emotive piece of film and is definitely a must-see for anyone interested in watching a love story with a difference.


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