Ride Along Review

2 May 2014

By Yasmine

Ice Cube and Kevin Hart have teamed up to make the action-comedy of the century. With Ice Cube producing the movie, he pulled out all the stops to make this box office hit.

The West Coast rapper, who plays rock-hard James Payton, is an undercover cop who is very protective over his sister Angela Payton, who is played by Tika Sumpter. James is involved in an undercover operation to find mastermind criminal ‘Omar’.

Ben Barben, played by Kevin Hart, is a fast-talking gamer who is a security guard at a local high school but he dreams to become a police officer. Ben is in a long term relationship with Angela and he wants to take it further by asking for her hand in marriage but there’s one thing in his way… James.

Ben decides to pluck up the courage to ask James for his blessing, but all James can imagine is shooting Ben in the chest. Back to reality James simply replies “Hell no”. Flighty Ben jumps around James and refuses to take ‘no’ for an answer. James finally gives in but gives Ben an ultimatum, telling him that he either helps him with a ride along or he doesn’t marry James’ sister.

Ben jumps to the chance of a ride along because he is a wannabe copper but it’s not what he expected. James made sure they were called out to all 126’s, which are call outs that no other police officers want to deal with because they are a complete waste of time.

After a long day of Ben doing all the dirty work, he gets fed up and wants to go home. Before Ben gets dropped of James decides to pop into the office where Ben follows him in and over hears James laughing about the eventful day. Ben runs back to the car and waits for James to come back before he tells him that he wants to go another call out but be known to Ben it was an actual case. The call out was at a strip club and with Ben thinking it was just another 126, he acts like top-dog and asks for all the people involved to drop their weapons, all hell breaks loose for the next two minutes before James gets everything under control.

After all the rigmarole at the club, James receives a phone call from his undercover partners telling him they have found ‘Omar’ and they are waiting for him at a warehouse. Little did James know, he was being ambushed by his so-called partners as they have been working for ‘Omar’, although no one has ever see ‘Omar’ in person. Ben had been told to stay low in the car, but as we get to know Ben, we know he wouldn’t stay in the car for long.

Ben looks through a window of the warehouse and finds James being tied to a chair. Viewers are stunned when five foot, two inch Ben, with less muscles than a chicken walks into the warehouse all high and mighty with shades and a leather jacket pretending to be the infamous ‘Omar’. After Ben is satisfied with fooling about the real ‘Omar’ enters the room. Commotion commenced immediately and the next five minutes is full of grenade-throwing and gas-explosion violence before Ben and James escape.

James takes Ben to the hospital because of a gunshot wound but the visit is short lived as Omar pays Angela a visit. A lot more fighting took place before Ben kicks Omar in the face and James shoots him twice, injuring, but not killing him.

After police surrounded the area James finally gives Ben his blessing and puts a good word into the police force about him.

Due to the Ride Along success, the sequel is to be released in January 2016.



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