RIP: Prince

22 April 2016

By NEBeep

My teens were spent in the 80’s, so really my presence on this site as a writer is somewhat irrelevant, but I felt the need to try and pay homage to the life of Prince; an existence,  like many other iconic musical masterminds, taken away, way way before its true expiration date.

Prince pushed the envelope of creativity, as cliched as it sounds, it really was that simple. His ability to intricately create the soundscapes he did, not just for himself, but for others such as Alicia Keys, Sinead O’Connor, Madonna, put him in that very same league as those who are  keeping a seat warm for him up.

Michael, Whitney, Marvin, James, damn, even Amy must be all welcoming the Purple Prince home as we all sit here mourning his exit. I am not a religious person but I can’t help but ponder on the fact that somewhere, the likes of the aforementioned are creating more of the music their legacies allowed whilst here on earth.

I could waffle on for hours, but the best way to pay homage to Prince is through his music, embrace what he did, marvel at what he achieved and sing like Julia Roberts did in Pretty Woman, because no matter who you are, there is always a Prince song you can sing along with.


Raspberry Beret


Creep – Prince takes on Radiohead


I Would Die For You




Little Red Corvette



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