Rotterdam: City of the future

10 July 2019

By James L

In recent years Architects have labelled Rotterdam as ‘the city of the future’. It is home to exciting new technological advancements and it is constantly developing new ways of living sustainably

One example of Rotterdam’s innovation is the floating farm that opened earlier this year. It is a prime example of urban sustainability; The farm uses grass clippings and other waste products from the city to feed the cows. The farm collects all of the waste and disposes of it in a responsible, sustainable way.

Rotterdam is the second largest city in the Netherlands and is at the forefront of sustainable living. On the 4th of July Rotterdam launched a trial for an electric car sharing scheme. This allows people to book an electric car using an app and they are then able to park it anywhere in the city centre. The trial will last around 12 months and the number of electric cars available will steadily grow throughout the period.

It’s not all about the technology

In 2017 primary school children helped to plant several km of flowers along the A15 road which is now known as ‘the honey highway’ however, you can’t have honey without bees!

Rotterdam introduced a colony of bees to the honey highway in 2018. Their purpose is to pollinate the abundance of plant life that now grows there. Bees play a crucial part in maintaining biodiversity and therefore helping to maintain a healthy climate.

This scheme, among countless others, shows another big step by Rotterdam towards a completely sustainable future. A future that everyone around the world can be a part of, if our city’s can show the same innovation and dedication that Rotterdam has.

The city of Rotterdam sets an example for the rest of the world to follow. It has proven to us all that it is possible to be sustainable and it’s actually easier than we might think

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